Michelangelo Pilsner Beer Glasses – Italian Made (Set of 2)


  • Italian made champagne glasses
  • Ultra clear lead free crystal glass totally transparent.
  • High resistance to breakage.
  • Resistant to over 4000 industrial cycles: sparkling maintained.
    • (max file size 30 MB)

The Michelangelo pilsner beer glass is a timeless glass. This glass is elegant yet affordable and our Michelangelo glass is perfect for any occasion.

Product Details:

  • Measures 3.25”DIA X 8.5”H
  • 15.25 oz Pilsner glasses
  • Elegant and resistant
  • Ultra Clear and durable Glass and is break resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Lead and heavy metal free
  • Titanium Reinforced – Permanent anti-abrasion treatment applied directly to the glass’ stems to increase resistance to breakage
  • Innovative, elegant and functional design
  • Pulled stems do not have any mold seams and are highly flexible
  • Flat foot to guarantee better stability and easy to hold
  • Made in Italy


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