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Looking For The Perfect Anniversary Gift?

These engraved whiskey glasses, wine glasses and beer glasses serve as an everyday reminder of your special place. Feel free to use any location coordinates, and we will create the perfect engraved glass for you. The Latitude and Longitude engraving uses sand, which leaves a clean, crisp finish.

With the popularity of GPS today, giving a personalized gift with latitude and longitude locations is a unique gift. There is no limit to the number of locations for the personalized glasses.

Finding the perfect gift can can hard! Whether it’s giving a housewarming gift to someone who just moved into a home, vacation spot, wedding day or creating a way to remember the location of a place dear to their heart, these versatile personalized glasses is a gift to be cherished.

Each glass is engraved and decorated in the United States.

Coordinates will be shown in the Degrees, Minutes, Seconds format 50° 26′ 51.2”N, 30° 32′ 34”E

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