At Susquehanna Glass, we’ve been your professional decorating specialists since 1910. With over 100 years of experience in design, technique, and drop-shipping – we know how to take a special memento and make it memorable for years to come.

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Decorating Processes

Hand Cutting

When Susquehanna Glass opened its doors in 1910, the basis of the business was in the hand cutting of glassware. Master glass artisans painstakingly hand cut designs into finished glass pieces by holding the glass against a large belt-driven, rotating stone wheel. The result was beautiful hand cut patterns or monograms.

Today, this process remains largely unchanged.

Susquehanna Glass offers over a hundred different hand cut patterns, as well as several font options for single and triple letter monograms. This freehand craftsmanship makes each piece a true original. No machine can truly duplicate the work of a master craftsman whose steady hand and trained eye practice the precise and difficult art of glass cutting.

Susquehanna Glass is one of the last remaining American factories practicing the art of hand-cut glass.

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Sand Etching

Sand etching is the abrasion, or roughening, of the surface of glass, stone, ceramic, wood, metals, and other medias to produce a design or a monogram.

Photosensitive masks of each design are created, and hand applied to the surface of each glass in the preparation for the artist to then sand blast them… one-by-one.

High pressure sand is sprayed through a nozzle to slowly etch away the surface.

Through controlling the pressure and distance to the surface, the artist can control the depth of the etching creating various beautiful effects ranging from dramatic to subtle.

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Color Screening

Susquehanna Glass produces beautiful color screened logos, images, and custom designs for many wineries, breweries, and other high-volume retailers and corporate customers. A two-part epoxy paint is placed in a “screen frame” and applied to the surface of the glass and then passed through a drying oven to cure and bond the paint.

Color screening is a dishwasher-durable cost-effective way to produce a single design in large quantities.

Using safe, organic paints that pass all governmental regulations, Susquehanna Glass achieves designs with brilliant colors and high durability.

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Rotary Engraving

Metal engraving, which dates to the first century, was practiced for many years with the use of a hand tool known as a burin. Today, computer driven engraving machines create beautiful engravings using speeds of up to 15,000 strokes per minute.

Engraving software is constantly upgrading allowing for broader design and monogram options.

Susquehanna Glass is currently monogram engraving acrylic barware, stainless steel flatware, pewter pieces, and of course, glass.

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Laser Etching

Laser etching is the process of using a highly concentrated beam of light to etch, or burn, a material’s surface. Our computer-driven laser machines are used to decorate many shapes and sizes of glass, crystal, wood, metals, acrylics, and leather.

Using a laser gives us the ability to precisely replicate intricate designs and monograms.

Laser etching is a perfect solution for custom artwork and personalized products and is a permanent decoration.

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