• Drop shipping

    Susquehanna Glass is a 100+ year old decorating company based in Pennsylvania with a rich history in making things personal.

    We specialize in high volume programs.

    Specializing in 5 decorating processes we are proficient at high volume, high quality programs for large retailers and have developed multiple private label decorating programs with high-profile brands.

    Made and Decorated in the U.S.A.

    We are a true domestic partner that can offer the "Made in USA" sticker on most of our products and programs. With growing consumer loyalty to American Manufacturing, this marketing claim is highly sought after.

    Increased Design, IT,
    and Customer Service teams.

    The internet has had an undeniable impact on the Tabletop Industry and has inspired growth in several areas of our company. Demand for constantly changing, immediately available products with fresh new designs has inspired us to triple the size of our in-house Design Staff. Our Drop Ship Programs have set us apart from most other Gift and Tabletop Vendors and has driven huge volume increases for the company. This also makes us acutely aware of how important quality control is since we are representing our customers brand as well as our own. We employ a full-time IT Manager who oversees all EDI connections document exchanges. Finally, we’ve increased the size of our Customer Service Staff so we can continue to offer the highest standards of customer service in our industry.


  • Traditional Retail
    • Department Stores
    • Mail Order Catalogs
    • Specialty Retailers
    • Small Gift Accounts
  • Internet Sales
    • Websites
    • Flash Sites
  • Private Label Design
  • Contract Decorating
  • Winery Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Corporate Gift and Awards