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The perfect gift! Please enter the zip code, area code or personal text exactly how you would like it to appear on the glass. Each etched glass is engraved and decorated in the United States.

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Looking for the perfect wine glass gift?

Etched Zip Code Stemless Wine Glass

This wine engraved glass without question will become your new favorite because it not only is personalized, but because of its quality of the etched design. This stemless multi-purpose glass is made to be less likely to top over like the stemmed glasses. With its low center of gravity and flat base, this engraved wine glass is very stable. This custom etched wine glass is a great gift for yourself or a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift for your spouse, friends and family.

Size: 21 oz, 4.6″ H
Dishwasher safe.

Etched Zip Code Stemmed Wine Glass

The Bordeaux stem glasses has been designed to fully satisfy the 5 senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. Each wine has unique organoleptic properties, and for this reason, each wine must be served in a suitable stem glass in order to enhance its characteristics. This stem glasses is to balance the sensations of each type of wine. This Bordeaux wine glass, a wide range of professional, elegant and robust stem glasses with high sensorial perception for the tasting of all kinds of wines.

Made in High-Tech Blown Crystal Glass with high resistance to breakages. The different shapes of the bowls is to facilitate the rotation of the wine in the glass. Guide the wine towards specific areas of the tongue ensuring the appropriate amount of wine at every sip. Guarantee the perfect contact between the lower lip and the rim of the bowl, avoiding annoying drops on the edge of the mouth.

Size: 21 oz, 9.4″ H
Made in Italy – Luigi Bormioli

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