The Real Dog Moms of City – Sioux Falls Ceramic Mug



The perfect gift! Please enter the Dog Breed and City / Town exactly how you would like it to appear on the glass. Use NA for no dog breed and we will use a dog paw. Each etched glass is engraved and decorated in the United States.

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Complement the rustic look of your dining room with this Sioux Falls tavern mug! This mug features a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted look thanks to a special reactive glaze. It’s fully vitrified for superior durability and lasting performance. No two pieces in this collection look exactly alike and the color intensity varies from piece to piece. Your guests will love the unique look and use this mug to serve piping hot, aromatic coffee, herbal tea, or decadent hot chocolate. The versatile 16 oz. capacity makes it also ideal for serving your signature, frothy cappuccinos and lattes, too! With this mug, you’ll get the handcrafted look you crave, paired with a rustic, tavern-style design. The surface of the mug is deeply sand etched, leaving a permanent impression which will never fade or wash away.

Height: 4 inches
Top Diameter: 3.5 inches
Capacity: 16 oz.
Color: Tan to Beige


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