Pinot Noir Stemless Wine Glasses – Italian Made (Set of 4)


  • Italian made whiskey glasses
  • Ultra clear lead free crystal glass totally transparent.
  • High resistance to breakage.
  • Resistant to over 4000 industrial cycles: sparkling maintained.
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This Italian made wine glass was created specially to enhance the superior aroma diffusion or your wine. A line with a contemporary design conceived for specific wines suitable for an elegant. The curving point of the bowl gives high resistance to shocks and indicates the pouring level. With these amazing wine glasses, you can enhance your drinking and wine tasting experience.

  1. Measures 4.5”DIA X 4”H
  2. 20 oz drinking glasses
  3. Enhance superior aroma diffusion
  4. High-Tech blown lead-free crystal glass, is break resistant and dishwasher safe
  5. Multi-purpose: water, juice, cocktails or spirits
  6. Innovative, elegant and functional design
  7. Made in Italy



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