Hoot – Owl Assortment – High Ball Glasses – Set of 4


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Hoot Owl Assortment – Etched Glasses

High Ball Drinking Glass

This customized highball glass says, “I’m classy, refined, and a big fan of delicious cocktails.” The shape of this etched glass makes it perfect for cold refreshing cocktails with ice, such as Vodka Limes, Vodka Sodas, and especially Gin and Tonics. This etched highball glass is made even more classy by its customize engraved design. You can also make it a personalized gift. Your sophisticated mother or spouse will love receiving this personalized glassware as a gift for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or Anniversary.

Designs Included: Owl Assortment
Size: 15oz, 6.25″ H
Dishwasher Safe


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