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Glassware: Customer Supplied Wine Glasses and Beer Can Glasses
Design: Trevina Logo
Etched at $5 per piece
Screen Print: $3.50 per piece

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Acopa 11oz Stemmed Wine Glass

This elegant 11 oz. customizable all-purpose wine glass allows room for swirling while remaining relatively narrow at the top, making it suitable for any kind of wine. It’s elegant style is ideal for hotels, pubs, restaurants, and lounges where multiple glasses of wine are being served at once.

Height: 7.75″
11 oz

Libbey 209 16 oz Beer Can Glass

With the Libbey 209 can glass, your favorite brews are sure to always look and taste their very best. Able to stand up against the toughest restaurant and bar environments, this beer glass is a must-have addition to any establishment. No matter what you serve, this stylish glass will add aesthetic appeal to any drink presentation.

Height: 5.25″
16 oz