Custom Decanter & Whiskey DOR Glasses – Set


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Double on the Rock Glasses – Set of 2

It takes a great cocktail glass to get the right notes and see its enticing color. This glass will rest comfortably in your hand as you take each sip, not missing any aromas. This cocktail glass is a simple way to elevate your cocktail drinking. This glass to make a fantastic gift for moms, dads, wife, husband, birthdays or any holiday.

Size: 8 oz, 3.5″ H
Dishwasher safe.

Aster Decanter 

Spirits decanters were designed as accessories for presenting, storing and serving spirits. This decanter made glass reinvents the pleasure of an aperitive or after dinner drink. This Spirits Decanters, developed by using the highest technology in glass manufacturing, it offers: Totally transparent glass enabling the appreciation of the real color of the spirit contained, dimensions studied to meet also the requirements of this professional sector, design increases the value of the product contained, very high-quality standards and advanced technology with eco-friendly production processes.

Product Details:

  • Measures
  • 3.5”  X 7.5”H
  • 23.75 oz spirit decanter
  • Perfect solution for serving spirits
  • Decanter sold with airtight glass stopper
  • Innovative, elegant and functional design
  • Eco-Friendly


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